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The perfect blend of style and functionality

Modern Dog Magazine Names Our Magnetic Leash as the Editor's Choice 2023

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  • MUi Magnetic Pet Leash - by MUi Pet Company

    Really cool leash

    My pawrents love how safe and secure it is even with my strength. The leash itself is made of premium grade climbing rope (we love that ours matches our harness!)

  • The Odin - Modern Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy | MUi Pet Company

    My Corgi loves it!

    My dog loves playing with the Odin toy! I put some treats in it and he has at it. We also toss it around the backyard and play fetch. Great quality and great toy! Highly recommend!

  •  The Ubbe - Treat Filler Chew Toy Made for Dogs & Puppies | MUi Pet Company

    The best things in life serve with form & function!

    The Ubbe is exactly what we look for in a toy; it’s perfect for enrichment & the best part is, it disassembles to be cleaned (no more trying to force the bottle cleaner into cylindrical toys!)

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MUi Magnetic Pet Leash - by MUi Pet Company

Designed To Perfection


Featuring a duel-embedded magnet combined with a duel hook. Oh, and how could we forget to mention the 6ft premium-grade climbing rope!

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Our Inspiration

Inspired & designed in the u.s.

Started from a simple drawing to a final product. Inspired by my memories and experiences with my furry best friends after their passing...

Our Story

Professionally Strength Tested

When it comes to the safety of your beloved pet, there's no room for compromise. Experience the confidence of walking with a leash that can withstand 200lbs of pulling force.

Rest assured that if your dog manages to pull and destroy our leash, we offer a hassle-free replacement at absolutely no cost to you, lifetime.

40% off your entire order as a special thank you to service dogs and their handlers!

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