Modern Dog Leash by MUi Pet Company

Modern and Problem-Solving Products for Dog Owners

Despite the charming nature of dogs, parenting them comes with its own set of challenges. Keeping these mischievous boys busy, feeding them, or putting them on a leash can be quite a task at times. But not with problem-solving toys and products that will keep your furry friend busy for hours while training them in an easy way and boosting their mental stimulation. And above all their product will bring convenience for you. 

Listed below are 3 top modern dog products that are convenient, constructive, and help you make your life easier as a dog parent. Let’s have a quick review of each.


MUi Magnetic Rope Leash

Magnetic Dog Leash by MUi Pet Company



  • Premium grade 6 ft. climbing rope.
  • Magnetic latch for a quick and secure connection.
  • Compatible with most harnesses and collars.
  • Sleek design and durable build.

This MUi leash is a game changer for all the dog owners out there. The stand-out feature of this leash is its effortless magnetic latching system that allows you to leash your dog in no time. 

The magnet-embedded dangle forms a secure connection with the dual hook latch attached to the rope. With its aluminium and stainless steel construction, the latch feels pretty durable. And well, I have no doubts about my judgment because the latch is designed to withhold up to 200 lbs of pulling force. 

The leash comes with a six ft. climbing rope, which is sturdy enough for walking medium to large-sized dogs. Besides that, the leash is compatible with other harnesses and collars, which is yet another winning point. 

Overall, I consider this magnetic leash an excellent find for getting dogs ready for a walk within no time. 


The Ubbe Toy

The Ubbe Toy Treat Chew Toy by MUi Pet Company


  • Minimalist design with a detachable construction 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-Toxic Material

The next one by Up Dog Toys is a great treat dispensing toy, which is a smart solution for dogs who eat too quickly.

The Ubbe Toy keeps the dogs engaged with their food and stimulates them mentally as they work their way to eat the treat. It also helps them stay busy and immersed in a rewarding activity while you're away.

The Ubbe Toy is a better version of the Kong Toy, which is a pain when it comes to cleaning. This one, in contrast, is fairly easy to clean due to its detachable construction. You can fill up the Ubbe Toy with wet treats, canned food, peanut butter, whipped cream, etc. 

Overall, the toy is generally safe to use but it is best to keep an eye on your pets to be safe. 


The Odin Toy

The Odin Puzzle Dog Toy by MUi Pet Company


  • Non-Toxic Rubber Construction 
  • Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle
  • Designed for Dry Food/Treats

The Odin Toy is yet another treat-dispensing toy for your mischievous and hyperactive buddies. It is an interactive toy that mentally stimulates the dogs as they indulge in the puzzle to win treats. 

You can fill up the toy with small kibbles and gradually increase the difficulty by introducing larger kibbles. The treats fall out from the holes as the dog interacts and plays with the toy. 

Attach two or more toys to make the puzzle more exciting by changing its rolling and bouncing patterns. The rubber construction can withstand a great deal of abuse from those doggy jaws. However, it is not a chew toy and is destructible, so avoid leaving your pet unattended while playing.


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